Sean (detail)
Oil on panel
15 in × 18 in
Private collection


2016 Denali Foundation Honoree

I am proud to be the 2016 honoree of the Denali Foundation’s annual gala on February 12, 2016. Through the legacy of Denali Schmidt, an accomplished artist and adventurer, the foundation encourages creativity and supports artists throughout the world regardless of need or origin. The gala attracts notables committed to the arts such as Sequoia Di Angelo, Vivian, Marie and Bill Wise and Lori Freese.

February also sees the completion of two works. One, is a donation for the Austin Opera, a small composition of roses. Roses are exclusive for charitable organizations and patrons of the arts, and I am especially thrilled to paint something for the opera company that has stolen my heart. The second is a self-portrait for Michael Huffington, a friend and hero, who has generously donated much of his redoubtable collection to art museums throughout the country.

Color Workshop in the Bay Area

Linda Dulaney, artist and owner of the Bay Area Artist Atelier, welcomed me back for the third installation of my color theory workshop. Using the color model developed by Albert Munsell in the early 20th century, I taught an insightful and diverse group of students to mix and apply the entire gamut of colors available in oil paint. Here, Pixar techies, internet moguls, artists, designers and actors communed and advanced the study of color a bit further as they completed a variety of exercises demonstrating the precise relationships of hue, value and chroma.

Self Portrait for Paul and Melinda Sullivan

I completed a self portrait for the collection of Paul and Melinda Sullivan in December. For those who don’t know of this remarkable couple, both are stalwart supporters of the arts, changing the art landscape wherever they set foot, from the New Britain Museum of Art, to the Art Institute of Chicago and the Frick Collection. (FYI Melinda’s French toast, not Paul’s, is the best I have ever eaten…so take her up on it if the invite ever occurs)

Heart of Fashion and Carmen Dell’Orefice

November was a month to remember. I escorted my friend and muse Carmen Dell’Orefice to Houston Texas’ most inspirational charity event, Heart of Fashion. We joined fashion designers Ralph Rucci, Peter Cohen, jewelry expert Peter Martino and Texas icon Vivian Wise for one of the best runway events I have ever attended.