2016 Denali Foundation Honoree

I am proud to be the 2016 honoree of the Denali Foundation’s annual gala on February 12, 2016. Through the legacy of Denali Schmidt, an accomplished artist and adventurer, the foundation encourages creativity and supports artists throughout the world regardless of need or origin. The gala attracts notables committed to the arts such as Sequoia Di Angelo, Vivian, Marie and Bill Wise and Lori Freese.

February also sees the completion of two works. One, is a donation for the Austin Opera, a small composition of roses. Roses are exclusive for charitable organizations and patrons of the arts, and I am especially thrilled to paint something for the opera company that has stolen my heart. The second is a self-portrait for Michael Huffington, a friend and hero, who has generously donated much of his redoubtable collection to art museums throughout the country.